Facility Rental

The Honey Run Covered bridge park is open to the public from 9AM to dusk seven days a week. The park can be rented for private events such as weddings, fundraisers, and other activities year round.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I just want to rent the bridge and not the picnic area? When renting the bridge for a private event, the picnic area and parking lot is automatically closed to the public. This reservation is for the entire day from 9AM-10PM.

What if I just want to rent the picnic area only? You can rent just the picnic area and it will be closed to the public, however the parking lot and bridge will be open. The picnic area can accommodate 80 people maximum. This reservation can be made per hour from 9AM-half-hour before sunset. Otherwise the picnic area is a first come first serve basis.

How many people can be on the bridge at one time? There is a maximum of 120 people on the bridge at one time; 90 on the reinforced span and 30 on the non-reinforced span (This is a county ordinance, and strictly enforced); 200 guests maximum for the bridge and adjacent park.

Is there parking? Yes, there is a gravel parking lot directly adjacent to the bridge and park.

Does the park have restrooms onsite? Yes, there are two bathroom facilities on-site with running water.

Is there potable water onsite? Yes, there is an accessible drinking fountain.

Are there electrical hook-ups in the bridge? Electrical outlets are available upon request. If your event is all day, you will need to provide additional lighting for the bridge and park after dark. There is one security light at the entrance to the bridge that will remain on at all times.

Are dogs allowed in the park? All dogs need to be on leashes and controlled at all times.

How many picnic tables are there? There are 8 picnic tables and 3 functioning BBQ’s.

What if I want to have alcohol at my event? There is a liquor liability insurance form that is required for any event that is serving alcohol. Absolutely NO glass containers allowed in the park or on the bridge (County Ordinance), plastic use only. Wine or champagne bottles are acceptable but beverages must be served in plastic cups or containers.

What if I want to have a picnic and spend the day at the bridge without reserving the whole park? People do this all the time, as the park is open to the public. Be sure to check our website for upcoming events to make sure you are able to plan your picnic on a day that the bridge is not reserved for a private party. There is a $5 Park Fee Donation box located in the parking lot.

Is there cell reception at the park? Be aware that cell reception is limited in the Canyon and within the park. Please have your guests and transportation for events planned accordingly.

Who cleans everything up? YOU are responsible for all clean up after your event. There is a dumpster located on the premises. The person booking the reservation agrees to leave the property in the same condition found on the date and time indicated for the reservation. The Honey Run Covered Bridge Association works hard to maintain the preservation and beauty of this historical landmark. We ask our patrons to do the same.

When can I book my next event? Reservations should be booked at least 90 days prior to the event, when possible.

What are the reservation fees? For questions about reservations and pricing please contact the scheduling event coordinator at (530) 891-1838 or by e-mail, info@hrcoveredbridge.org